Excited to launch the book “Dharma Unplugged”  by the Director of Dharma Institute on ethics in the life of the ordinary people at the Parliament of World Religions 2018 in Toronto.

A note from the Author here – “Part of the challenge of the new forms of aggregation of ideas, ideals and faith is the undermining of the diverse and the reducing the local. This eventually destroys diversity and plurality in narratives. Traditional knowledge and wisdom often is a big loser in this case. While the traditional knowledge systems which have market validity have been repeatedly documented, the wisdom of the communities to have their own code of ethics is often not recorded, documented or published.

I have found the reduction of Ethics to merely a pre-occupation of the religious people a problematic as I have found people whose faith is very local to be far more ethical in rural parts of India. These are manifested as their principles, practices, customs and ways of living and life. I hope it will help people to understand the diversity in ethics among people and institutions and also negate the political attempt to standardize and codify all ethics into a smaller subset of religious-political ideologies.

In the book I share his encounters with rural institutions across India and their practice of Ethics.

Launching the book, Swami Thyaganandaji said, “I have had an opportunity to glance through the book and it is wonderful work. Ram is an old friend of mine and it is a joy to see that this important work of articulating the diversity of Indian ethical practices being done by one of our own boys! I wish him all the strength and may the blessings of Swami Vivekananda, Thakur and Sri Ma be always on him“.


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